Could this be your experience as a solution focused hypnotherapy client?

This blog builds on what I talk about in the above video (please do feel free to count the “actually”s if you watch it – please also feel free to ignore the fingers at the end!!).

Can’t see the woods from the trees?

Oftentimes in life we feel overwhelmed by everything that we need to do and all the plates we need to keep spinning.  It can become all consuming.  It seems that all we can see is the difficulty and challenge that surrounds us.  It can feel like all there is around us are trip hazards.

Taking a sidestep

In seeking help from a solution focused hypnotherapist, the process immediately enables us to see things just a little bit differently.  Gaining the understanding of how the stressed and/or anxious mind can cause us to see the world in generally negative terms creates an immediate shift in focus which gets built upon over a series of sessions.

As I suggest in the video, this shift in focus and/or mindset can help us see a pathway through the trees.  We can find an easier way which may even have a choice of directions.

Finding the right path

We are by no means out of the woods yet, but now the change in perspective gives us choices and helps us to see the beginnings of a way forward.  At this early stage it might be tempting for that stressed out mind to want to quit.  Where the path leads is not immediately obvious. There is an awful lot we still cannot see down this route.

The solution focused hypnotherapy process

However, as we continue through the solution focused process we continue to take small steps forward.  Perhaps we make different decisions.  The brain responds in fundamentally different ways as it seeks to find answers to the powerful questions that form an integral part of solution focused hypnotherapy.  The use of hypnosis consolidates and accelerates this learning.

As we continue to take steps along our newfound path, the view becomes brighter, more open.  We begin to realise that not every step has a trip hazard, or at least not one that we haven’t shrugged off with aplomb a thousand times before. So many of the things that used to worry us now no longer feature in our thinking much.  Now we are building some momentum.  We are moving up the control matrix (more on that here).

The view opens up

Maybe then it is just possible that the world feels like a different place.  The woods are still there. There is no guarantee that every step along this route has the beautiful view that has just appeared.  But we know we can handle the more difficult parts of the path.  Equipped with a stronger skillset, greater resilience, and a newfound energy we can continue with confidence.  We can continue the focus on those things that give us the greatest joy, not the greatest worry.

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