Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

“People may very well choose to trade off years of their life, or the possibility of disease or injury, in exchange for the current pleasure, excitement or stress relief they get from food.” Jacob Sullum We all know the damaging effect being overweight has on our health. Obesity and excess weight are at the root of many major health issues in the western world. Whilst its easy to preach about the need to exercise more and eat less, if it was that simple wouldn’t we be doing more of it?

Alex Brounger Hypnotherapy – Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy works on many different levels in controlling our weight: It reduces our stress levels so reduces the physiological processes which encourage us to store fat and reduce energy expenditure; It helps us control and change the habits that have in the past ensured we eat more calories than our bodies need to function effectively. It also changes our mindset so we can develop positive habits which encourage a healthier lifestyle whilst changing our perceptions of those things that we may currently find difficult to do, but know would help to shift the excess weight.