Work Place Performance Improvement, Career Progression and Coaching

Do ​y​ou ​n​eed ​h​elp to ​p​erform ​b​etter in the Workplace? Is ​y​our Business ​r​eliant on ​y​ou ​performing at ​y​our ​b​est? Are you looking for, or just got, a promotion and w​a​nt to Boost Your Impact?

How we perform at work can be an issue in itself or it can have a knock on effect to our overall state of wellbeing. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to work with a number of successful Business Owners and Corporate Employees, at both my Cirencester and Stroud Practices. They have identified Solution Focused Hypnotherapy as one of the very best ways to improve their effectiveness in the work place. The fact is that if we get our jobs right then so many other things fall in to place, which improves our overall sense of wellbeing. So successful has the work in these areas been that I have even had clients make the 2.5 hours drive from London to my Cirencester and Stroud Clinics to seek out how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help them perform better in highly stressful jobs.

The Benefits of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in Improving our Work Place Performance Include:

It Teaches us How the Brain Works:

By understanding how the brain functions we can modify our actions, interactions and thought processes to make sure we are getting the very best from ourselves. Often these are just small changes which allow the sub conscious a bit more time and space to help us identify solutions and complete that to-do list.

It Identifies Ways we can Handle Stress in the Work Place Better:

An over (or under!) stressed mind can be one of the biggest efficiency killers. When stress begins to take over we start using those parts of the mind that can not make effective decisions.

It Harnesses the Power of our Imagination:

Often one of the greatest barriers holding us back is that we are not completely sure what it is we want and what the next step is to get there. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy encourages us to make a rich vibrant picture of how we want things to be so that both the conscious and subconscious mind can work towards getting us there.

We Use Hypnosis:

More than any other area of work, this is where people are most surprised about the benefits of Hypnosis. They are also surprised at the simplicity of it and the power of it. Did you know for example that fMRI scans have shown that during hypnosis the area of the brain that finds solutions to our problems lights up?

Be Your Best with Alex Brounger Hypnotherapy – Performance Coaching in Cirencester and Stroud

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