Improve Your Sports Performance with Hypnosis in Cirencester, Stroud and Online

Do you want to go to the next level in your chosen sport? Is a lack of confidence holding you back? Maybe a bad performance/accident/injury prevents you giving your all? Are you struggling to stay positive or cope with a long term injury? Do you choke under pressure or can one mistake ruin a whole game?

If any of these, or anything else, is holding you back from being at the top of your game, Alex Brounger can help from either his Cirencester or Stroud based Clinics.

Hypnosis has long been recognised as an enormously powerful tool in improving performances on the sports field and elsewhere.

​Available in Stroud, Cirencester and Online Sports Hypnosis ​C​an ​H​elp

  • Control underlying levels anxiety so concerns away from the sport do not impact sports performance
  • Improve focus, temper control and/or and the ability to cope with pressurised situations on the Sports Field
  • Refine and improve skills, especially when physical practice is restricted due to injury or other circumstance
  • Overcome chronic sport conditions such as Yips and Dartitis
  • Maintain positivity during difficult and challenging times such as injury.

Elite sports men and women have used Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for many years to help them reach their potential within their chosen sports. Athletes such as Tiger Woods and Nick Dougherty (Golf), Ben Cohen (Rugby Union) and Andy Cole, Jerzy Dudek and Nathan Redmond (Football) have all reportedly used Hypnosis to improve their on-field performances.

The extensive research of Dr Jamie Barker and​Dr ​Matthew Slater at Staffordshire University has repeatedly shown that Hypnosis is of enormous benefit in maximising individual sporting performance. The British Psychological Society state on their website: “Their research has consistently revealed hypnosis to be effective in helping athletes to develop and maintain the appropriate mind-set needed for optimal performance, along with increasing their actual performance.”

Alex has treated many Gloucestershire based Sports Professionals and Enthusiasts up to the highest levels in Sport from his Clinics in Stroud and Cirencester.