Online Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Online or Over the Telephone:

I have been working online using various online video conferencing options since 2015.  I began with Skype but now prefer using Zoom with clients, supervisees and students.  Some may have reservations about online hypnotherapy but there is no need.  As long as you have a stable internet connection, an appropriate device (it can be done on mobile phones but is often more comfortable with a tablet, laptop or desktop computer) and a willingness to give it a go it can be very successful.  I have seen many people who initially had reservations but quickly got used to the online format and grew to love the benefits of not having to leave home/the office.  In some cases I can also do hypnotherapy appointments over the phone.  (At the very least, the Initial Consultation needs to be done face to face or online).

Online Hypnotherapy from Anywhere

I have delivered hypnotherapy appointments online for people in their cars, in their garden, in the office… it really can be done anywhere where you are comfortable, have an internet connection and can be undisturbed for 50 minutes.  (Although I will always be sat at my desk, not on the beach)!  As always commitment is important.  There maybe more distractions in an environment of your own choosing.  It is important that clients are able to give their full attention for the duration of the appointment time.

Testimonials specifically from Online Hypnotherapy Clients:

These testimonials are from clients I have worked with online:

“After years of insomnia which affected my weight and stress levels I decided to try hypnotherapy.  Alex helped me to learn to deal with the stresses of everyday life, to become calmer and more in control of my life. This all happened during the Covid lockdown so we had all our meetings over Zoom, life is so much happier now.”


“I started seeing Alex in February, and following lock-down all of my regular sessions have been in the virtual world.  The technology works really well, and the experience and benefits are the same as if we were in the same room!  The approach has really worked for me, with a huge improvement since I started. To carve out the time to see Alex is hugely beneficial, and really sets me up for feeling good!”

Flexible Online Hypnotherapy Appointments:

Working online I have the same advantages my clients do.  I do not have to go anywhere and I am not restricted to clinic timetables and availability.  As a result I can offer more flexibility in appointments.  I run a number of Hypnotherapy Schools and Hypnotherapy Courses/CPD’s so I restrict the days I see clients to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

What you might see when having Online Hypnotherapy Appointments with Alex Brounger: