Client Terms and Conditions

This document must be read in conjunction with Alex Brounger’s Client GDPR policy, which contains important details about confidentiality and how your data/information will be handled.  The client GDPR Policy can be read here.

Therapist Details:


Alex aims to provide the very highest levels of service.  He aims to treat clients with respect and care at all times and to always work in a collaborative and professional manner.  It is important for clients to understand that, whilst hypnosis is undoubtedly powerful, client commitment to the process is required.  Listening to the provided download, considering the contents of each session and being willing to make changes will inevitably form part of that commitment.

Alex is a member of the AfSFH; the CNHC and the NCH and adheres to their codes of conduct which are publicly available on their websites.

Alex Brounger is not medically trained and so is unable to diagnose medical conditions.  Neither should hypnotherapy replace mainstream treatment for any medical conditions.  If at any time a client is concerned about specific symptoms, their health in general, or whether they should undertake hypnotherapy sessions, they should consult with their GP or other appropriately qualified medical professional.

Session Duration:

The aim is to complete most sessions in 50 to 55 minutes but clients are advised to allow one hour.  Sessions should not last longer than 6o minutes, unless otherwise agreed, as it is likely another client will be waiting to start their session.

If you arrive late to your appointment, your session time will have to be reduced.  The full fee will still become due.

Session Payment:

Please check Alex’s website for current fees.

Payments are generally taken at the end of each session.  Clients can pay by card (strongly preferred) or cash.  For further details please see your Initial Consultation confirmation email.  A receipt/invoice can be provided.  In some circumstances bank transfers can be used as a method of payment.  In this case payment must be made no later than the same day as the hypnotherapy appointment.

Cheques are generally not accepted unless agreed in advance.

Session Cancellation Fees:

Two full working days’ notice is required to cancel or rearrange a hypnotherapy appointment without incurring a late cancellation fee.  Less than two full working days’ notice and more than one working days’ notice will incur a 50% cancellation fee.  Less than one full working days’ notice will incur a 75% cancellation fee.

Non- Attendance:

If you fail to attend without any notice then the missed session will have to be paid for in full before any further sessions can be booked.

Contact Between Sessions:

Contact between hypnotherapy appointments is not normally needed, except if it becomes necessary to change the time or date of an appointment.  If that does become necessary clients should contact Alex, by text or telephone.

Online Clients based outside the UK:

Alex Brounger is based in the UK and is governed by UK jurisdiction.

Last updated Sept 2023

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